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   Since you have found this site, you must already know how it feels when your lover or spouse walks out of the door and out of your life. It is almost as if someone has run away with a piece of your soul.

   I know how you are feeling. I've been there... I carry the scars.

   Losing a lover or a spouse is one of the most emotionally traumatizing episodes in our life. Itis amazing how the very thing that brings us the most pleasure also brings with it the most grief.

    BUT... don't give up hope yet! Your situation is not hopeless...

      You will get your ex back!

   I have discovered exactly what works and what doesn't work when it comes to successfully reuniting with an ex lover or spouse!

   I know how to reverse your breakup and bring the passion back into your relationship or marriage!

   If you want to successfully reunite with your ex lover or spouse... you have to bring back these intense feelings of curiosity, passion, and deep attraction toward you again.

   To put it simply... you have to make your ex fall in love with you again!

   I will show you... step by step... how to invoke these feelings of lasting love from her/him again and save your relationship or marriage.

   Two years ago, during the testing phase of my program, I sent out 50 copies of my book to different people across America who had just experienced a breakup. The results were breathtaking to say the least!

           86% Success Rate!

   43 out of the 50 participants managed to get their exes back within 3 months of employing the methods included in my program.

   Yes, there is an amazing 86% chance that if you use the methods included in my program, you will successfully reconcile with your ex lover or spouse!

   If you read my book... "Loneliness To Happiness - the simple guide to getting your ex back"... which is the heart and soul of my program, you will learn:

how you can re-awaken physical attraction in long term relationships or marriage

how you can initiate contact with your resistant ex lover or spouse without appearing clingy

how you can alienate your ex partner's current love interest (your rival) without appearing confrontational

how you can show your ex lover or spouse that you still care without saying it

how you can cultivate your ex partner's emotional dependence and keep her or him interested and hoping

how to minimize the effect of infidelity, if it occurred, in your relationship or marriage

   I have written this book as a reaction to a complete lack of practical, easy to follow, no-nonsense advice on how to get your ex lover back... or to be more precise... how to make her or him fall in love with you again.

   My innovative methods have been developed to work in situations where only one person is still trying to save the relationship. They are equally effective for both... dating and married couples.

   I am very proud of the outcome as over 8 thousand readers, in 31 countries, used it with an extraordinary degree of success.

   It includes 142 pages of text material and 75.18 minutes of audio recordings with cutting edge advice based on the scientific research of the principles of human interaction.

Emma Audley 2009

                        Emma Audley - the author of Loneliness to Happiness -                         the Simple Guide to Getting Your Ex Back.

   My name is Emma Audley. I am the author of "Loneliness to Happiness - the simple guide to getting your ex back" as well as numerous publications and articles about relationships and marriages in crises.

   I have a degree in psychology and almost a decade of experience as a therapist in couples and marriage counseling, and have treated about 3500 patients in face to face sessions during the course of my professional life.

   My career as a therapist came to an end when my older daughter became ill soon after she was born. Fortunately, she is perfectly healthy and a very happy child today.

   I have relocated to another country since than and, although I have no plans to resume my career as a therapist, do still enjoy helping rejected lovers to get their derailed relationships back on track.

   The methods, presented in my book, were developed over a period of many years, and  are based on my studies in psychology, my observations of the lives of others during my tenure as a therapist, and on my personal experience.

   I have seen these methods work very well in the lives of others but the main inspiration forme to write this book occurred after I successfully used them in my own life.

   You will find my book particularly helpful and useful if:

your lover or your spouse has left you and you want to get her or him back in your life again

your relationship is unstable and coming to an end and you feel that you have to do something about it

it was you who walked out and now, realizing that it was a mistake, would like to get back together again

your lover or your spouse is still with you, but behaves in an emotionally distant manner

you or your partner are guilty of infidelity and you want to give your relationship or marriage another chance

  "Loneliness to Happiness - the simple guide to getting your ex back" is not an abstract, theoretical work, though theory will be alluded to.

   My program is a practical... very easy to understand... step-by-step guide on how to get your ex lover or spouse back and how to make the relationship better than it was before.

   All strategies, included in my book, were carefully selected according to two standards...  their effectiveness and the ease of their practical application.


   If your lover or spouse has rejected you, you are very likely experiencing a tremendous amount of emotional pain... the pain of grief reaction.

   The rejected lovers often become so caught up in their own anguish that they are unable to take logical, constructive steps to get their lost lovers and spouses back.

   I will tell you exactly what steps you should take and in what order you should take them to get your ex back!

  Over a course of 142 pages I describe unique approaches for different situations in very specific detail, which will eliminate any "guesswork" on your part. Depending on your need, you will be able to decide which method will be the most effective in your particular situation.


  You will find that different methods work better than others, depending on the particular circumstances of your situation!


  I have taken extra care to explain and discuss each method in the most precise detail to avoid any confusion on your part. When you are done with reading my book you will know exactly what you should do next.

Audio File Library



   In order to make sure that you understand perfectly everything that is included in the written part of the program, I have recorded 12 Audio Files ( 75.18 minutes ) to complement the text material.

   You can listen to my Audio Files on line whenever you wish to, in the Members' Only Area of



In a time of despair like I was in, blunt solutions were all I wanted to hear.

The techniques in this book are nothing short of amazing. The author displays remarkable insight into relationships.

I recommend this book highly - it's focused, and it's practical... exactly the way it should be for people in distress who need advice how to get the ex back.

I personally used the techniques from this book and was not only surprised that they indeed work, but how FAST they work.

Received by email from Tirana M., Seattle, Washington.


Without being overly dramatic... if it was not for this book I don't think that my ex girlfriend would be my girlfriend now.


Received by email from Jonas K., Copenhagen, Denmark.




Love is a predictable human response... use it to get your ex back!

If you give me 3 hours of your time I will tell you how to recapture, and keep, the heart of your ex lover or spouse.


   It might appear at first look that love occurs accidentally, and to some degree this is true, b ut it is not just a mere result of chance meetings determined by pure luck.

   It is rather, the result of satisfying someone's key psychological needs on a subconscious level. Love is actually a predictable human response.

   There are established methods of inducing a desired behavior from people. If you do certain things in a specific situation, people are likely to respond in a predictable manner. For instance, you can learn how to make troublesome employees respond in the desired way.

   So, by using these methods, it is also possible to make someone fall in love with you!

         The Critical Factor...

  Your ex lover or spouse has fallen in love with you before so broadly speaking...
you are her/his type!

   The process of falling in love can be induced and stimulated but it requires ability to influence the emotional moods and attitudes of others through well-proven psychological techniques.

   I will familiarize you with these techniques and show you how you can  use them successfully in your own life. There are no "games" or "tricks" involved in my program, only logical and proven methods that work,

   It is not any kind of a magical solution, but is based on scientifically tested psychological principles of human interaction and behaviour... that is very simple and attainable!

   You will learn how to dramatically increase the odds of getting your ex back. To put it simply... you will learn how to make yourself desirable in her/his eyes again!

   After implementing just the first step of my program you will accomplish the following things:

you will re-open a possibility of reconciliation with your ex in a natural way... even in extreme cases, such as infidelity

you will remove a source of existing conflict between you and your ex... even in extreme cases

you will increase your ex's level of curiosity toward you by inducing a natural subconscious process

you will minimize damage done by begging, pleading, and crying, should you have done so after the breakup

you will create an "emotional vacuum" in your ex's mind even if she/he is already involved with someone else

   My program implements a classic Words vs. Actions concept to use reverse psychology in order to influence emotional moods and attitudes of your ex lover on a subconscious level.

   It will reverse the dynamics of the post breakup situation and instead of you pursuing your ex lover... it will make her or him pursue you. This approach is 100% natural and if you know how to use it, your ex will never notice or suspect anything.

   My methods are simple and attainable but the odds of getting your ex back will increase dramatically from the very first moment you start implementing them.

   To make everything as clear as possible for you, I have prepared four diagrams that illustrate the dynamics of the breakup, and how you can reverse the situation!

   I have used vectors to demonstrate it, and explained it in terms of actions and reactions. They are very simple and when you look at them you will understand your situation perfectly well and know exactly how you should react.

    Bonus No.1 - Staying Together


   A few months after I made my program available online I started getting email messages from members of my site with questions on how to keep a relationship or marriage alive.

   Apparently, they had been successful in getting their ex partners back but, they were worrying about making the relationship or marriage last. They wanted to know how to make their relationship better than it was before.

   Since it's impossible to address this issue in a single email, I have decided to write a separate book "Staying Together how to make your relationship last" to answer all their questions.

   It's a part of my program now and you can read it online in the Members' Only Area of my site.


Bonus No. 2 - The Golden Guide


   I have written this book to provide additional advice to married couples that are facing divorce. A lot of what I have written would be also quite useful in dating relationships so those who are unmarried will benefit greatly from it as well.

   If you are a victim of infidelity or you have committed it yourself... please read the chapter titled "How to deal with affairs" of the Golden Guide as I have addressed this issue in details. The advice applies to both married and unmarried couples.


Excellent book, excellent read.

When my boyfriend decided to break up with me it was an excruciatingly painful experience for me.

The author gave me a straight forward and practical advice on how to get him back. When I first read it, it felt as if someone is peering into my mind and picking my thoughts and feelings, it's almost unreal how she knows EXACTLY what I feel and what help I need.

When your heart is breaking and you feel as if you will drown in your own grief, having this book will help anchor you when you might not be thinking very straight. It will not only comfort you, it will be your own personal guide to aid you in getting your lover back and starting your life over.

The book is remarkably easy to read and understand. It will help you make the best of what seems like a hopeless situation!

Received by email from Patricia B., Milan, Italy.


My wife and I are back together. Our marriage is still far from "smooth sailing" but this book brought us back together when everything else failed.

Received by email from Robert W., Coventry, UK.

Things which never work but people always try them!


Usually, it is within the first 72 hours after a break up that the most damage is caused, that almost destroys any chance to get your ex lover back.  

   I have compiled a list (see below) of the most common mistakes that rejected lovers usually make during the breakup or shortly after. I call it the begging, pleading, and crying act.

   It is highly recommended that you do not react in any of the ways listed. To do so will greatly diminish any chances of reconciliation with your ex partner!

   If you have already reacted in some of the ways that are on my list, than don't become anxious about your actions right now, as you will learnhow to deal with those specific situation in the chapter titled "You've split, what now" in my book. 

   Read my book as soon as possible, to avoid causing any further damage to your already fragile situation.

                                My list from 2002...

  I originally published the list below in autumn of 2002 at a UK based site called Bleeding Hearts.

  The site has been down for a few years now, but I still see my list resurfacing on the net occasionally, in its original version.

  In spite of the fact that I hardly receive any credit for the list, it gives me pleasure knowing that it is still effective.

   Married and unmarried couples will benefit from the advice listed below:

There is already a lot of tension between you and your ex, so avoid fighting and arguing at all costs. All you will achieve by doing this is raising the level of tension and erasing any hope of you and your ex becoming attracted to each other again. Even if you win the argument, you will still lose the battle.

Do not try to use logic to show your ex why she/he should come back to you. It never works. Love is based on feelings and attraction, not logic. No matter how brilliant your logical explanation is, your ex will still leave you.

Do not try to reassure your ex that you have "changed", and that things will be "different from now on". It is like trying to bail water out of a sinking boat. It will not work. The hole is still there and your words are not going to mend it.

Do not keep on telling your ex how much you love her/him. Your ex will not care. Any woman or man in such situation, usually only cares how she/he feels about you. Your feelings are irrelevant, and will not have any influence on your ex’s decision as to whether or not she/he should stay in the relationship. 

Hold on to your dignity and do not beg your ex to come back to you. The more you beg, the more your ex will ignore you.

Do not try to make your ex feel guilty about leaving you. It will not work in the long run. If you do get back together by putting your ex on a guilt trip, the relationship will not last, as your ex will resent being with you under these conditions.

Do not use your depression as a tool to make your ex feel sympathy towards you, as you need your ex to feel love for you again, and not pity.

Do not talk to your ex's friends or family members to win their support. Even if they like or even love you, they can't make your ex stay with you forever. It may work for a while but external pressure never lasts too long. If your ex decides to stay with you the motivation must come from within.

Do not spend money on flowers or gifts for your ex. You can't buy your ex's heart with money. It will never work in the long run.

Do not try to force your ex into getting back with you. The more you push, the more she/he will back away from you.

   If you happen to find yourself in situation where your lover or spouse decides to end the relationship or marriage... DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! 

   Read my book first and you will know exactly what to do next!



I lack an extra thumb to give your book three thumbs up.

I read it on line after my finance broke off the engagement and moved out of our apartment. After five months of drama we are living together again and things are better than ever.

Your book is simply wonderful. I found your ideas of dealing with resistant lover to be incredibly helpful to me especially that I was the only one still fighting for our relationship. THANK YOU.

Received by email from Claudia B., Madison, Wisconsin.



Unlikely other "how to get your ex back" books... this one will not insult your intelligence.

I am a professional therapist so I studied interpersonal communication and relationships both academically and in my own personal life for years, most of this information was not new to me personally (though I would imagine for someone who was not so well-versed on "the game" it might be). However, even with my own prior knowledge of many of the topics in the book, it has been a great resource for me.

The book is clearly written. It is neither a dry textbook nor a rambling manifesto. Information is easy to find. Loneliness To Happiness gives step-by-step, (or more accurately point-by-point) practical, and duplicable advice to people who are trying to get a derailed relationship back on track. It is evident that the author has a profound knowledge of the subject.

This book shows how "love is a predictable human response". If your a logical person, this book explains love in logical terms. Or actions and reactions. If you have the discipline to properly apply what's presented in the book (like keeping your emotions at bay and dealing with loneliness), you almost can't help but succeed.

An absolute must for those whose hearts have been crushed and who want to get their lovers back.

Buy it and read it!

Received by email from Thomas W., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A second chance date... what would you do in this situation?

Let's PLAY A GAME and assume for a moment that your ex is seriously considering giving you a second chance...

   You have been waiting for this moment for weeks or perhaps even months... but what exactly would you exactly do in such a situation? How would you approach it?

   My sophisticated guess is that you would do exactly what the majority of rejected lovers do, and  plan a great evening out to impress your ex as much as possible, which is a natural and logical reaction.

   You would probably take your ex to some fancy restaurant for a dinner to prove how much she/he means to you. This is your "second chance" date and you want to make this evening special for both of you.

   More than anything else though,  you would feel that it is very important to impress your ex, as
 it might be the last chance for you to do so!

    It is almost always like this...

  The rejected lovers are quite predictable in these kinds of situations.

   They try to impress so hard that they usually end up "emotionally suffocating" their ex partners!

   Yes, just like the majority of rejected lovers,  you too would also look at your "second chance" date as an opportunity to fix things between the two of you!

   At some point during the evening you would not be able to resist the urge to try to convince your ex that leaving you was a bad mistake and that you two should get back together. 

   It usually starts quite innocently, with words like
... "I have been thinking a lot about us lately" or "Do you ever think about being with me again?" 

   Then, it would be just a matter of minutes before it turned into an open door for you to enter into an emotional speech about how much you have missed your ex and how your life has not been complete without her/him.

   Your impulsiveness would soon follow with the dreaded question... "Have you started seeing anyone else yet?"

          This is all wrong...

  Although I can understand perfectly why people act this way in situations like the one described above... IT IS ALL COMPLETELY WRONG!

  Why? Because it will produce the exact opposite effect to what you are trying to achieve. IT WILL PUSH YOUR EX AWAY FROM YOU!

   Assuming that your ex was impressed with your efforts and how the evening went, do not think that it was a success, because, on emotional, subconscious level your ex will sense that you are trying to manipulate her/him into getting back with you.

   You have to be honest and admit that it was not such an innocent evening after all, was it? You were trying to force your ex to change her/his decision to break up with you by imposing your own will!

        The subconscious mind...

  You have to understand that our subconscious mind doesn't work like our conscious one.
You can't reason with it and you can't force anything upon it.

  It will feel overwhelmed and it will immediately start resisting it.

  Soon this resistance will manifest itself by your ex lover developing a feeling of resentment toward you on her/his conscious level.

  A feeling of resentment in your ex is like the KISS OF DEATH to any chance of future reconciliation with your ex, and you need to avoid it at all costs.

   My guess is that there are about 95% of the rejected lovers that make this mistake! Your "second chance" date would be either ruined completely or it would take a very serious blow at least, if handled in this manner!

   You are probably asking yourself now... what should I do in situation like this one? How should I approach it so I don't ruin my chance of getting my ex back?

         Well, if I were you...

   I would meet your ex at some casual place... for instance a coffee house... preferably during the day.

   I would try to look good but since it is casual meeting I would not overdress.

   You do not want to put your ex under any pressure... you want her/him to feel comfortable with enjoy being in your presence again!

   I would keep the meeting short... no longer than 30 minutes.

   I would keep my emotions in check and respond nicely to "It is good to see you again" but not give the impression that I have been waiting for weeks to hear those words (even though I might have).

   During the conversation I would not bring up the relationship, the breakup, or ask about dating other people. These subjects would be completely taboo in the conversation!

   I would not let my ex know that my life is really good at this point in time, as this would be obvious in my attitude and he could notice it from my confidence and enthusiasm.

   I would let him discover things on his own instead of telling him about them.

   I would mention something interesting or funny once or twice during the conversation, about things I recently read or heard... preferably something interesting and funny at the same time.

   I would definitively take the opportunity for a little light flirting... some "cute" comments and compliments but without overdoing it.

    Fun and mood/ego boosting note!

   The trick here is to make this meeting enjoyable, so...

   You want to give your ex the impression that you still think about her/him as an attractive member of the opposite sex... but to keep it light and playful enough to avoid any pressure and discomfort.

   You want your ex to keep coming back for more, right?

  People always come back for more of what makes them feel good, attractive and desirable without being overwhelmed. It is a matter of creating what I call... a "fun and mood/ego boosting note".

   If you have managed to hit this "fun and mood/ego boosting note" in the conversation with your ex... you've just made it an almost certainty that the contact isn't going to end here!

   If you would like to know how to hit this "fun and mood/ego boosting note"...  READ MY BOOK!

   This is exactly what my book is all about! You will find an answer to this question and all others you might have about successful reconciliation with your ex lover or spouse.


I want to first thank the author for a great resource. Thank you so much.

After a painful break-up with my girlfriend of two years I was left with many questions. And this book has answered them all.

The author has explained in structured and simple way what I had to do to get her back. I really enjoyed this book and it has helped me enormously to do that.

Read this book if you are in the process of trying to get back with your ex! The chances are you are doing everything wrong, just like I was until "You've split, what now" chapter opened my eyes. I made most of the mistakes listed in it but now I know better.

This book explains everything that is misunderstood about this subject. You'll learn things that you'd never figure out on your own.


Received by email from Eric G., Karlstad, Sweden.


A true life saver!

A friend recommended me to read this book on line when my husband left me and I was in the depths of despair. I was reading anything I could find to try and help me save my marriage, but this is the one book that really helped. I latched onto it like a life-preserver to a drowning person. I read each chapter several times now, and kept on getting more and more out of it. It's a first-rate resource.

We are finally back together. Although still struggling, this book was a great help when I need a great deal of help.

This book felt like I was talking to a friend who had been there and back, and could take me by the hand through the healing process and help me find my way back to joy. Please read it if you are hurting from the loss of a relationship - it will comfort you a great deal and help you move forward constructively. If I could get my husband back, you can get your spouse back too. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

I cannot more strongly recommend this book to anybody who has been dumped by their spouse. Buy it, read it, and go get your spouse and your life back.

For those going through painful times... I extend my hugs and support to you. Do the best you can.

Received by email from Natasha F., Denver, Colorado.


You are hurting... but don't be a fool!

Mental jujitsu, emotional ping pong, and magic persuasion techniques...  why they don't work?



   There is a great amount of sadness when a relationship ends. The pain is often so unbearable that we become quite desperate. We just want to have our ex lover or spouse back in our life. Instantly... here and now!

   In situations like this we are especially prone to naively believing that there is a magic formula or method that will make it happen.

   If you search the Internet you will come across many "getting your ex back" websites that will try to lure you in purchasing their ebooks.

   They all make claims of discovering an easy and almost effortless a "magic" formula or method to bring back your ex. They are so powerful that they are "guaranteed" to work even in hopeless situations.

   They will give you such an unfair advantage over your ex that they are advertised as "almost forbidden" or "barely legal". Of course, you are never going to be rejected again.

   This is just the type of things that you need to hear after you have been dumped and humiliated. You desperately want to  hear that your sad situation is going to change immediately...

   Not only are you going to get your ex back and have all your pain go away, but this time it will happen on your terms. From now on you will be the one pulling the strings, and you are never going to be rejected again.

           Don't be a fool!

   You are hurting... but DON'T BE A FOOL! There are no magic formulas which would allow you to trick your ex partner into a relationship with you.

   THEY DON'T EXIST and it is simply not going to happen!

   The sooner you realize that there is no magic way to guarantee the return of your lover or spouse, the sooner you will be able to take logical, constructive steps toward reuniting with your ex.

   Relationships are based on FEELINGS and ATTRACTION, not on TRICKERY!

   You are not going to trick anyone into a relationship with you! PERIOD! 

   Once these so AMAZING and so POWERFUL methods are finally revealed to you... the only thing that will still remain amazing is when you realize just how naive and desperate you have become!

   But what else can you really expect? The individuals who write these ebooks are really simple Internet marketers.

   These same individuals are also those so-called "experts" on acne treatment, weight loss, self hypnosis, building chicken coops... or in any other hot trend they can make money with.

   The truth is that Internet marketers have a very basic understanding of the principles of human interaction. Despite the claims they make... they have discovered absolutely nothing!

   All these "how to get your ex back" ebooks are based on rehearsed ideas of sending a so-called second chance letter to your ex. Sometimes it is called an instant reconnection letter, golden letter, etc... but you will find out that all these ebooks are basically centered around the same trick. 

   You will be advised to write a letter to tell your ex that they were right about the breakup and that you accept its finality. You will be told to also briefly mention how great you are doing on your own.

   They will tell you to write it by hand to give it a more personal touch.

   Your ex, after receiving and reading your letter, will be so "enormously" intrigued by it that she/he will be eager to contact you to find about your sudden change of heart.

   AND... the two of you will live happily ever after!     

   But in reality...  this amateur trick produces the opposite affect than the one intended! These individuals don't have sufficient knowledge to give any relationships advice. It's only a business to them and they just want to make money...

          The blind leading the blind!

   But don't take my word for it! Let's take a quick look at it... evaluate it together, and then you can decide if I am right or wrong.

   Let's start with a very basic thing. If you log on any of these websites you will almost immediately come across a claim that...
 the longer you wait the more difficult it will be to get your ex back!

   But is this statement really true?

   Common sense tells us that it may be true, but let's be realistic... if you have been dumped by your lover, the usual cause of this is because there is already someone else in the picture... your new rival!

   You don't want this new relationship to get too intense. You don't want to give them a chance to get too involved with each other. Your immediate reaction would be to take action and do something to convince your ex to come back to you. This would make it seem that these individuals are correct, right?

   In actual fact, it is wrong... COMPLETELY WRONG! Follow their advice and you will most likely deprive yourself of any real chance to get your ex back!

   It is not what you want to hear...

   But painting it in very broad strokes... you can't really compete with a novelty aspect of their relationship at this point!

   They are in the honeymoon stage of it... at least this is how people usually see it.

   The time they spend together is so intense because of
 altered levels of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin – neurotransmitters associated with arousal –
in their brain.

   It usually lasts from 4 to 16 weeks. Later in the relationship, when the serotonin is back to its normal level and production of oxytoxcin increases, something more stable starts developing... the steady pair-bonding of what psychologists call a companionate love.

   People usually refer to it as an attachment stage of relationship... and at this point the relationship becomes vulnerable to outside influences again.

         Just WAIT a few weeks! 

   You have to wait a few weeks... and your chances of getting your ex back will be incomparably higher than they are now!

   If you still believe that by employing some "magic" trick you can successfully compete with your new rival at this stage, than you need to think back to the time when you started dating your ex.

   Do you remember the thrill you got as soon as you set eyes on each other... how intense this feeling was... the anticipation and the waiting were making you crazy with desire?

   Well, they are at this point right now and they feel exactly the same! The idea of trying to get your ex lover or spouse back at this point is completely insane! There is almost no chance that it can work!

   Do you still think that it is a good idea to try to persuade your ex into getting back with you at this point in time?

   Do you still think you can compete with these feelings of exhilaration created by the serotonin rashes in your ex's brain that are associated with seeing, hearing from, texting her/his new love interest?

   And finally... do you still believe that the individuals, who "create" all these magical formulas, have sufficient knowledge to advice you what to do to successfully reunite with your ex?

      I will tell you something...

   Any attempt on your part to directly interfere with their relationship at this point will only make it stronger.

  It is going to create this romantic "just the two of us against the whole world" notion in their relationship.

   So much for... the longer you wait the more difficult it will be to get your ex back theory. It is simply untrue and it is deceptive advice!

   If you try to relay on advice from these sources, you will accomplish nothing else but to embarrass yourself in the eyes of your ex lover or spouse.


The lover who is not talking to you.

How to re-establish contact and rebuild the love bond.

This book doesn't just show you how to get your lover back it shows you how to make it last. It gave me the peace of mind I needed to do it.

I really enjoyed this book, because Emma seemed to understand what I have been going thru. I was tired of everyone telling me to "move on" or "get over it" when all I needed was advice how to get my boyfriend back. And she gave me that advice in her book.

Emma tells you exactly how to employ simple yet powerful techniques that are VERY effective. I wish I had learned them sooner. Even if "a new person" (aka competition) is in the picture, you can use ugly situations like this to your advantage.

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It is like no other book that I have read.

I came across this book right around the time when it appeared that my marriage was over. My wife left me and was living with another man. I thought, one more book, what have I got to lose?

When I read this book, I found myself astonished at its obvious good sense and the fact that no one else has written anything like it.

First of all, Emma is a great writer. She's fun to read. She doesn't condescend, she doesn't oversimplify. The book is written in a friendly, compassionate, non-clinical style which makes it accessible for just about everyone. Not only it is filled with useful tips and advice on how to get your ex back but also how to shape up a damaged relationship and stay together.

Second of all, Emma knows what she's talking about. She understands relationships like very few people do. She may not have a whole new way of looking at relationships -- let's face it, there are only so many variations on that theme -- but she's got a way of putting it all together that's not only smart, but wise.

How do I know? After about a year of barely speaking to someone I wanted to be with... my wife, I read this book and started doing some of the suggested "experiments." And what do you know? It only took a few weeks before our problems started to recede and our pleasure in each other increased. And now -- okay, things aren't perfect, but they're very nice indeed. The other man isn't in the picture any more.

Received by email from David T., Chicago, Illinois.

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   LOVE is a critical factor that makes a relationship last... even if it is a bad relationship! If the love is gone, it means that the relationship is over and even the most "perfectly matched" couple will eventually drift apart!


   Sometimes we can see that a couple, dating or married, is in a completely dysfunctional relationship. They fight all the time about anything and everything... but despite all of this they stay together!

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   Personal change takes time, and is a process that requires a lot of work and self-discipline and most people are simply not willing to make all that effort to change.

   Not all relationships merit being saved, but it is entirely up to you to decide if the relationship you had with your ex is worth of fighting for and saving  no one can do it for you.

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